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  • Hello, some questions to the new file system ReFS:

    I´m using ReFS in Win 8.1 Standard Edition with a single 4 TB HDD.


    I want to know how and where ReFS reoprts a defective file that is detectet (e.g. with the scrubbing process) ?

    I have read that ReFS makes a log entry when it detects a corrupt file (when checksum does not match). But nowhere is to read where I can found this log ...


    It is everywhere to be read that ReFS performs a disc scrubbing to detect corrupt files. How often runs this process? Can I configurate when it should run? 

    By the way:  In my system I never saw the hard disc running for along time what would announce that a scrubbing process scans all the 3 TB stored data !!!   So I can´t believe that this function works ...


    Can it be that this functions are not implemented with ReFS in Win Standard Edition but in the server version?


    I´ve asked the german microsoft hotline many times - they weren´t able to help me. I wrote this questions in german sociel.technet forum and in german forum and haven't got an answer yet.

    Many info about the functions of ReFS are written but nowhere how this functions can be used. Does microsoft has no interest on someone who is testing this file system?    Further more I found a bug: If the letter ÿ appears in a file - the file is then not deletable any more...

    Thanks for answers   Oliver Plastinin

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  • Hi,

    For your questions:

    ReFS will simply log an event indicating that corruption was detected and fail the read, open Event viewer and find the log under System log.

    The ReFS disk scrubber runs on a task schedule – see the Task Scheduler under Task Scheduler Library/Microsoft/Windows/Data Integrity Scan.

    ReFS can also be introduced in Windows 8.

    Building the next generation file system for Windows: ReFS

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  • The data integrity scan has a monthly scan scheduled task:

    Task Scheduler/Task Scheduler Library/Microsoft/Windows/Data Integrity Scan

    • Name: Data Integrity Scan
    • Description: Scans fault-tolerant volumes for latent corruptions
    • Triggers: At 11:00 PM every Saturday every 4 weeks (Disabled)

    On desktop versions of Windows, the trigger is Disabled; and so never runs.


    On server versions of Windows, the trigger is Enabled by default:

    Running month after month, year after year, quietly fixing invalid data:

    You can find the results of the scan in the Event Log:

    Event Viewer/Application and Services Log/Microsoft/Windows/DataIntegrityScan/Admin:

    • Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-DataIntegrityScan/Admin
    • Source: Microsoft-Windows-DataIntegrityScan
    • Event ID: 54
    • Level: Warning
    • Description: File data inconsistency was detected and was repaired successfully. File name: M:\VirtualMachines\Vista.vhd; range offset: 0x3A8314000; range length: 0x4000 bytes; repaired: 0x4000 bytes; status: STATUS_SUCCESS.

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