Several problems with windows 7


  • I have various problems with this installation of windows 7 64, they might be related but Im unsure about that.
    Lets start, windows media player will no play any video but the sound works, all I see is the first frame of the video that is used for the video icon.
    The second problem its quite strange, non of the games that comes with windows will launch, I click on the icon but it doesn't do anything.
    when I run dxdiag this error apears. "Error: Problem getting extra display info", I click ok and dxdiag works ok.
    I cant get the windows experience Index to show, there is no rating and there is no way for me to start the proces of rating.
    They all seem to be related to video, I have tried reinstalling the drivers for the ATI Radeon 3200.
    30 กันยายน 2552 22:10