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  • I recentlty installed Vista build 5536 from my MSDN subscription. My corporate network has an ISA server used as proxyserver.

    When I connect to the Internet with Internet Explorer with the correct settings for the ISA Server under Tools/Internet Options/Connections/LAN Settings/Proxy Server, I can connect successfully to any site.

    When I use Windows Update from Internet Explorer, I see a notification that there are updates available, but I cannot get these updates downloaded to my PC.

    Looking at %windir%\Windowsupdate.log, I see the following error:

    Warning: SendRequest failed with hr = 80072efd. Proxy List used : <(null)> Bypass List used : <(null)> Auth Schemes used : <>

    Windows Update does not (of course) use the proxy settings from the currently logged on user, but should use a system-wide proxyserver setting. With Windows XP I resolved this issue by using the command-line tool Proxycfg.exe -p,10.* to use that specified proxyserver address and tcp-port, and including a bypass list for local addresses.

    In Vista I cannot find this tool, nor can I find a GUI equivalent of it.

    Is there any way to specify to theWindows Update service to use a proxyserver?


    Thanx in advance for any suggestions and help


    8 กันยายน 2549 9:33



  • Arnold,

    I am unable to find a workaround in any database, I would try installing RC1, and if the problem still persists submit it as a bug because many people will be working under an isa proxy and they will need to download updates.


    Andre Rivera

    8 กันยายน 2549 19:29
  • Thanks for your response. I will install RC1 asap.




    13 กันยายน 2549 5:59
  • Hi there

    I'm testing currently the RC1 of Windows Vista. Here at my Site the Windowsupdate won't work trough a Proxy.

    Are there new workarounds since the last time?


    Bastian Widmer
    15 กันยายน 2549 7:30
  • I ran into the same problem. Instead of proxycfg.exe you will have to use netsh.exe instead. Go then to the winhttp section and set the proxy from there. Restart the Windows Update service and delete the c:\WINDOWS|SoftwareDistribution folder.

    For a few more details, please check my blog.

    Gerald Beuchelt
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    15 กันยายน 2549 15:14
  • Hello,

    I tested this yesterday(netsh, then winhttp then set proxy) and it didn't run ok, so I thought a long while and let it back until today when I read the help logs: I tried this and it worked at least :

    open a command prompt with "admin rights" (right click on "command prompt" in "accessories", then choose "run as adminstrator") then type in "netsh" then "winhttp" then "import": this will "import" (copy) your internet explorer proxy settings...

    it's ok for me: windows update now asks for id and password and then downloads update...


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    19 กันยายน 2549 8:10
  • internet explorer doesn't connect to the internet coupled with some other software in vista rc1 and if you now import the proxy settings  of internet  explorer it(windows update) still wont work because the settings for ie isnt working in the first place.
    u want to make ur ie connect to the internet first.
    then import the proxy settings using command prompt.
    15 พฤศจิกายน 2549 12:33
  • > open a command prompt with "admin rights" (right click on "command prompt" in
    > "accessories", then choose "run as adminstrator") then type in "netsh" then "winhttp"
    > then "import": this will "import" (copy) your internet explorer proxy settings...

    The thing to watch for is that because the cmd shell is being run as administrator, it will pick up the administrator's IE proxy settings.  Or at least it should, though in my experience today with Vista SP2, it picked up <direct> which was wrong.

    But by using (as administrator) netsh winhttp set proxy MYPROXYSERVER;PORT "MYEXCLUSIONLIST"

    things worked a treat.

    Hopefully the forum moderator updates which answer is correct.
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    26 มิถุนายน 2552 3:43
  • Question: How to updae windows (Windows7) if you are using Proxy with login ID and password?


    Press 'windows' key and type 'command' in search box

    Right click and select 'Run as administrator'

    use the commands mentioned in the image below

    Provide the network proxy

    When you will click on 'check for updates' you will be asked for login ID and password

    Now you are done

    This worked perfectly for my Windows7 home basic

    Note: I did not test yet how to get the original settings back if you want to use internet/windows update without proxy. May be the udate work normaly but I do not know at the moment.

    About the copyright: I am only summarizing the information I got from various internet sites including Microsoft. I do not claim anything on the idea and technology etc. THis is to help only the microsoft product user.

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  • Hello,

    you can also use another command,

    netsh winhttp>import proxy source=ie

    It will import all proxy settings from IE ;-)


    Branislav Pastorek SEAL IT services

    30 กันยายน 2555 22:27
  • Hi

    This was really helpful! Just that the "import" command should be "import proxy source=ie".

    Sanjeev K Srivastava

    15 กรกฎาคม 2558 15:30
  • Just in case it helps someone...

    I've been having trouble with deploying Sophos Endpoint Protection on a laptop.
    I'd already done the "netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie" thing as the installer seemed to use IE settings at one end of the install but system settings at the other, but this hadn't resolved the issue.

    What did seem to fix it in the end was doing it longhand as the import doesn't seem to bring over https as well as http settings.

    winhttp set proxy proxy-server="http=Proxy1:port;https=Proxy2:port"

    (The caveat is there as when the installer was failing an amazon web services hostname mentioned in the logs wouldn't resolve (even using online resolvers such as mxtoolbox), but when the fix was being applied it would).
    28 กรกฎาคม 2560 12:37