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  • Dear Friends,

    I kindly like to ask for some support.

    Its a really specific problem. I hope you can help me in any way.

    Lets get started.

    Our Company is using the HP EliteBook x360. It comes with an rechargabele HP Active Pen.

    An Additional Driver/app for this HP PEN has been installed trough "optional" windows Updates on my Notebook on 08.08.2019. 

    That's the Windows Log entry:

    Since a couple of days many User are not able to get, find or install the additional HP Pen Software trough windows "optional" Updates. They got new deployed devices in October. They don`t even have the optional Windows update function available in Windows Updates Settings.

    That's the additional software installed on my PC:

    Now I tried to add the additional Pen software to our Microsoft Store for Business. But unfortunately I am not able to find it.

    If a user, who cant find this additional pen software trough Windows updates open their "Pen Settings" of Windows they can Click on the Button "Open app"

    The regular windows Store will open, searching for wacomponents and shows ourusers the icon of the HP Pen App. Its exactly the same App as I have installed trough optional Windows Updates on 08.08.2019.

    If they Click this app it says they are not allowed to install the app, since we are not having this app included in our Microsoft Store for business.

    Unfortunately I am not able to find or add this HP Pen "additional driver/app" to our Microsoft Store since it seems to be not available.

    Is there anything blocked or changed with the optional Windows Update function?

    Its there anyway I can include apps or optional windows updates of wacomponents to our intune deployment?

    Since HP doesn't provide the HP PEN "additional" Software, I cant get support from HP.

    Thank you very much for your help and kind regards.


    18 Ekim 2019 Cuma 14:10

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