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  • where can i take my new laptop so it can be repaired

    Contact the manufacturer of your laptop for assistance.
    Carey Frisch
    29 Aralık 2009 Salı 05:32
  • If you know what exactly needs replacing and you have a little bit of hardware knowledge you could do it yourself just get the stuff you need from a computer world or something and get it fixed. Of in other case you could go to one of them flee markets or some computer repair shop if you want to spend more money :)
    29 Aralık 2009 Salı 17:27
  • you should repair your laptop with yourself. only you can learn laptop repairing course in Delhi and get practical learning of that, after that repair your laptop laptop with yourself.

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    1 Ağustos 2019 Perşembe 05:11