Product key for Windows Office Professional 2010. RRS feed

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  • My whole computer died and was rebuilt with Windows 10.  But now when I creat a document I cannot share it. I go through the "share" motions but it never gets to my inbox.  I have trip itineraries that I need to share and cannot. HELP.  I am 75 and cannot figure out how to do this. WHAT IS MY PRODUCT KEY AND HOW DO I GET TO IT?  A BOX COMES UP THAT SAYS THE PRODUCT CANNOT BE ACTIVATED BECAUSE THE PRODUCT KEY IS NOT VALID. 

    • Düzenleyen Harville 5 Ekim 2019 Cumartesi 16:16
    5 Ekim 2019 Cumartesi 16:14

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  • Hi Harville.

    If Office 2010 was installed on your PC, you should have a disc box or some paper with its product key code printed.
    If you do not have such information, there is no other way to retrieve that product key.


    Luigi Bruno

    5 Ekim 2019 Cumartesi 19:37