Windows Xp mode, Virtual PC problems.


  • Hi.

    I recently installed windows xp mode. I followed the instructions; but something weird always happens. I install the "Windows XP Mode is a 500 Mb file and may take several minutes to download." I downloaded the file, and successfully finished installing it. Then the second step. It says " Windows Virtual PC" .I downloaded a 16mb file which searches for updates. Then it says "The update is not applicable to your computer."  It's also interesting that my PC hasn't changed a bit. There isn't any new folder in Program Files neither in any where (not to mention the root of my HDD), and when I select Windows XP Mode (again to make sure it's installed), It says Windows XP mode is already installed.

    My PC's O.S. (judging by the ones on dxdiag.exe):

    Time of this report: 2/1/2012, 17:55:56
           Machine name: Eoneli9-VAIO
       Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.110408-1631)

    Please tell me what is the problem in such situation?                                
    02 Şubat 2012 Perşembe 14:48

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  • You're system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, SP1.
    You require the files from steps 2 and 3 (the 500MB and 16MB files) but not the file from step 4. It sounds like you tried to download that one.
    After installing those two files you should be good to go.


    02 Şubat 2012 Perşembe 20:22
  • I did. But I can't find anything on my PC. And step 3 (just like you said there is a 16m file), searches for updates and says there are no updates applicable to your computer. Then I restart my computer, and there is nothing on my PC, whatsoever.
    • Düzenleyen Eoneli9 03 Şubat 2012 Cuma 03:50
    03 Şubat 2012 Cuma 03:44
  • Go to add or remove programs > remove xp mode as it should be there as an installation.

    ensure you have all latest updates and are running sp1, then reinstall xp mode and the u16mb file, you need to restart the computer after this as the 16mb file i believe is an update and will not apply fully until you have restarted the computer. once restarted xp mode should be there to use.

    the same happened for me and this fixed the issue for me.

    03 Şubat 2012 Cuma 16:10
  • It is in a folder on the All Progams menu called Windows Virtual PC.
    Colin Barnhorst Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on DIY with 6GB ram.
    03 Şubat 2012 Cuma 16:58
  • That's the problem, I don't! I only have a folder called "Windows XP Mode" in program files.
    04 Şubat 2012 Cumartesi 11:56
  • I didn't say look in the Program Files folder.  The Windows Virtual PC folder is on your All Programs list on the Start Menu. Click Start, click All Programs, scroll down.  XP Mode is inside the Windows Virtual PC folder.  After first run XP Mode will pin to your Taskbar.

    What you are looking for isn't in the the Program Files folder. It isn't in the Windows Virtual PC folder in the Program Files (86) folder either.  The only thing there is the Integration Components.  

    Colin Barnhorst Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on DIY with 6GB ram.
    04 Şubat 2012 Cumartesi 15:55
  • Yes, but I don't have such folder in All Programs even though I followed the steps.
    14 Şubat 2012 Salı 10:54
  • Open the Control Panel and click on Programs/Uninstall a Program.  That will bring up the Uninstall or Change a Program windowScroll down the list and look for XP Mode.  If XP Mode is listed then click on View Installed Updates in the upper left of the Uninstall or Change a Program window and scroll down the list of updates and look for Windows Virtual PC (KB9558559) near the bottom of the list.  Are they both present?

    Colin Barnhorst Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on DIY with 6GB ram.

    14 Şubat 2012 Salı 15:47
  • From the seach box, paste this:

    C:\Users\%username%\Virtual Machines

    then hit enter.

    Does this take you to a valid folder?  You should see XPMode listed there if it is installed.

    • Düzenleyen essjae 14 Şubat 2012 Salı 23:40 grammar
    14 Şubat 2012 Salı 23:40
  • Nope. Nothing in installed updates nore in that folder. Actually No Installed Updates
    16 Şubat 2012 Perşembe 06:06

    I’ve been struggling all day trying to get xp mode to run on my Win 7 64 bit Pro and I have read so many posts that it’s all running together. I think I was where you are at now, no folder. I think I tried downloading the XP Mode file (500meg) and then used  the “Run” option a couple of times and was not seeing any folders. I then downloaded and saved the file. I then doubled clicked on the file to expand/self execute and it then built the folder.  My problem now and it may be yours also, is that when I double click on the xp mode file in the “Windows Virtual PC” folder, it will not complete the setup process. It runs for several minutes, to 99% and then stops with the message “Could Not Complete Setup, Please try Again”.  Also, I read somewhere that you have to use the default folders when installing these files. Best of luck and please post  any resolutions.

    18 Şubat 2012 Cumartesi 21:22
  • I installed XP Mode yesterday (on a Win 7 Pro 64 bit box) and found the process to be a bit rough in the "out-of-box-experience" department. ( like when you click on the "print directions" hyperlink... it does not print)

    So assuming you saved the files rather than running them, after you download the 500mb and 16 mb files, you need to run them.  Running the 500 MB file creates a folder in the Program Files folder of the boot drive, but no entries are created on the Start, All Programs menu until you run the 16 mb Virtual PC file.

    Try savings the files to disk and then executing them.  Running the 500 MB file first worked for me.

    16 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba 10:54
  • Hi Eoneli9:

    Just got my similar situation resolved - thinks to NAUTIC79 in another forum (forgot which one).  Here is what I did:

    - Uninstall XP Mode is there (skip this step if you cannot see "Windows XP Mode" in Installed program list)

    - Reboot (and during reboot, just double check if the Virtualization feature is enabled in BIOS).

    - Goto Control Panel->Programs and Features->Turn Windows Features on or off, and select Virtual PC (if this is already selected, de-select it, reboot, reselect it again).

    - Reboot

    - You should see "Windows Virtual PC" folder under Start - "All Programs", and a "Windows XP Mode" is there.

    - If you click the "Windows XP Mode", and a download prompt should come up and you can start the process.

    Hope this will work for you.

    p.s. My Virtual PC wasn't select.

    13 Temmuz 2012 Cuma 18:44