VHD problem?


  • I've created a VHD with Windows 7 Enterprise, 64-bit installed.  When I boot and run from the VHD, I'm having issues with Windows 7 running properly.  Namely, at times, Windows will just hang/freeze for couple minutes at a time.  The clock display in the task bar is not updated while Windows is hanging.  Sometimes the mouse will also freeze.  It's like the CPU is running at 100%, but Task Monitor isn't showing anything using CPU cycles, except basically for the System Idle Process.  The disk light is not on, or flashing.  The problem doesn't seem to appear until the computer has been on for 20 or 30 minutes.  Even when I just use IE 9 to browse to this site and Notepad, the problem still appears.  And once the problem appears, it continues to happen repeatedly.

    The only time I've previously seen behavior even close to this, is when Windows 7 reloads a crashed video device driver.  But there haven't been any messages to that effect.

    I've looked at the Windows Event logs (Application, Security, Setup and System), and didn't see anything special.

    I have had Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit previously installed on this system, booting normally from the C: partition and didn't have these issues.  I've ran Windows Update and Windows is fully up to date.  I have the same set of device drivers for the motherboard.  The only difference between the way that instance of Windows was set up and this VHD instance, is that I have installed Microsoft Security Essentials instead of Avira.  Otherwise, I don't have any programs (some might be slightly new builds) installed now that I haven't previous had installed. 

    Before I start digging more into what the problem might be, I was just wondering if there is anything inherit about running Windows 7 from a VHD that could be causing these issues?  (It's the first VHD that I've seriously have used)

    Thanks in advance for any advice,


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    27 Nisan 2012 Cuma 20:07


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