How can I install Windows XP mode on windows 10 RRS feed

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  • You can't. XP Mode was a Windows 7 add-on. To run XP on Windows 10, use a virtualization program (providing your hardware supports virtualization).


    Hyper-V - Free; included w/Windows 10 Pro and above

    VirtualBox - Free;

    VMware Workstation - Pricey;

    Why the need for XP, if you don't mind the question?


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  • Hi,

    If you have a valid XP Product Key, you can install an XP VM in Windows 10.

    In addition, If you run Windows 7 in a VM, and then a child VM with XP Mode.  You can

    stack them like that.  Not the best performance though.


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  • Hi,

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  • Some software programs supplied  by OEM and approved by authorities as legal solutions in aviation run on an XP platform.

    There may be no support for upgrade as this may require the OEM to go through the entire certification process again (expense of time and money for OEM).

    They recommend newer, third party solutions which the customer can buy instead, or use the existing, legal solution on an XP platform.

    21 Ocak 2018 Pazar 06:20
  • I have a Windows XP disk and product key from my old computer (no longer functioning) and would like to use them to install an XP virtual machine on my new Dell PowerEdge T30 running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit so that I can run some old XP software. What are the steps?

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  • Windows XP is not supported under Windows 10 Hyper-V.  You will need to get the Integration Components (IC) and install them manually.  As an FYI, if you're connecting to the VM remotely you will be out of licensing compliance.  Your license is only valid if you're working locally on the Windows 10 host, not remotely. 

    How to install a VM in Hyper-V:

    You should use a gen1 VM for XP.

    How to get older IC:

    If you need more help, do not post here, post in the correct forum for Windows 10 Hyper-V:

    If you're not using Hyper-V, you should post for help in the appropriate forum for your hypervisor.

    This isn't the correct forum for any Windows 10 hosted VMs.

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  • I had no luck at all trying to put XP programs on Windows 10. They do however work great on Windows 7.

    The more I used windows 10 the better I liked windows 7.

    My solution was to go for what i consider the best program of the 2. That is windows 7

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