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  • We have just moved to SSDs in our workplace.  However, we are still on XP workstations for the next 6 months, and XP does not disable defrag like Win 7.  Is there a way to administratively lock or disable disk defragmenter to keep some of our 'smart enough to be dangerous' users away from it and prevent them from ruining their SSDs?
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  • You could try using Software Restriction Policies - see

    There might be an easier way but I finally blocked myself by using :

    1. A path rule (paste the path - don't use Browse) to disallow

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\Disk Defragmenter.lnk

    2. A hash rule to prevent double click on dfrg.msc in Explorer


    3. A hash rule to prevent use of command line defrag


    4. Setting the Enforcement properties to All Users and if necessary (see below) All Files - includes dll's

    At first I thought the first hash rule should be sufficient to prevent the use of the defrag gui by opening the shortcut but surprisingly it wasn't. (It does work for .exe's)

    Unfortunately this approach does not stop me from opening Explorer and using Send To -> Desktop (Create Shortcut)

    What did help is also adding hash rules for all the obvious dlls associated with defrag so that even when I managed to open the gui, it was disabled.

    A completely different approach might be to restrict the "Perform volume maintenance tasks" policy but that also affects other things like the use of disk cleanup.

    For better help with gp's consider posting in this forum :

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