Add mobile broadband profile using netsh gives "Invalid Profile XML" error RRS feed

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  • We're trying to create an automated installation to upgrade to 8.1 Pro soon and since we have our own APN at our provider, we'd like to add this using a script. However when I try to add my XML profile using netsh mbn add profile interface="Mobile broadband" name="profile.xml" I receive the following error: Add Profile Failure: Invalid Profile XML.

    I've found some Windows 7 topics regarding this issue, pointing at the encoded Subscriber and ICC id's in these XML files. I have already found the unencoded values with netsh mbn show ready * and added them to the XML file, but still no dice :-(

    This is my XML file:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>

    <MBNProfile xmlns=""> <Name>My Company Name</Name> <IsDefault>true</IsDefault> <ProfileCreationType>UserProvisioned</ProfileCreationType> <SubscriberID>123451234512345</SubscriberID> <SimIccID>1234123412341234567</SimIccID> <HomeProviderName>vodafone NL</HomeProviderName> <ConnectionMode>auto-home</ConnectionMode> <Context> <AccessString></AccessString> <UserLogonCred> <UserName>username</UserName> <Password>p4ssw0rd</Password> </UserLogonCred> <Compression>DISABLE</Compression> <AuthProtocol>NONE</AuthProtocol> </Context> <DisplayProviderName xmlns="">My Company Name</DisplayProviderName> </MBNProfile>

    I've removed all existing mobile broadband profiles from the system, netsh mbn show profiles shows an empty list so it's not a naming issue. I tried removing the XML version header from the file (a lot of examples of these XML files don't have it), leaving the Subscriber and/or ICC ID empty, removed them from the XML file but nothing seems to work.

    Does anyone have some other suggestions?

    2014年12月16日 16:30



  • Hi,

    I'm sorry for have no idea with your problem. Since those methods you tried but failed, in my opinion, it would be better to use Process Monitor to capture the trace of excuting this XML file.

    Start Process Monitor, close as much unrelated process as possible, then run command to enable this XML file.

    After error occures, stop capture.

    Process Monitor:

    Roger Lu
    TechNet Community Support

    2014年12月19日 8:30
  • Late to this, but was having the same issue.

    Firstly, are there already any profiles for this interface?

    Secondly, is one of these profiles defined as "default" using the <Is Default> (true) xml tag?

    If yes, then either delete this profile, or modify it to be <IsDefault> (false).

    Then try importing your desired profile.

    I hope this helps anyone else coming across this problem :)

    2019年9月13日 12:37