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  • For the last month, something strange is happening with our new Hyper-V server. During the summer holidays we bought and installed a new physical server with Windows Server 2019 Essentials installed on it; on which we also enabled and configured the Hyper-V role. On that physical Hyper-V, we have three VM's running, which are:

    1. Domain controller;
    2. File sharing server, part of the domain;
    3. App server, also part of the domain.

    All of the three VM's also have Windows Server 2019 Essentials as OS. Each WS2K19 Essentials server has its own dedicated license.

    Each monday between 9:30 am and 10:30 am the Hyper-V power downs both the File and App servers. When we look in the logs there isn't anything that explains the power down of the VM's. Updates are also disabled to make sure that isn't the culprit.

    Does someone has any ideas of what might be wrong or where to look in what direction? I've been looking for over a month now and can't seem to find anything.


    2019年9月16日 10:30



  • Hello,

    If the Hyper-V host is running Windows Server 2019 Essentials edition, then you're limited to a single guest VM running the Essentials edition.

    "From a licensing perspective, Windows Server Essentials allows you to set up the Hyper-V role and virtualize your environment. The license allows you to set up another guest operating system that is running Windows Server Essentials."

    More information here:

    If you need to run more than one (1) virtual machine, I suggest you go for a Windows Server Standard or Datacenter edition for the Hyper-V host.

    If you have any licensing questions, I'd suggest you contact your reseller, or a trained Microsoft licensing specialist.

    Best regards,

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    2019年9月16日 10:46
  • Well damn, that's a real downer... Before our purchase, we talked with our supplier about the licensing and he told us that stacking the Essentials in Hyper-V like we did wouldn't be a problem...

    A few questions:

    - The VM's can still be the Windows Server 2019 Essentials?

    - What would be the best way to reinstall WS2K9 Datacenter on the physical server (instead of the Essentials) without losing and reinstalling everything (like the VM's)?

    2019年9月16日 11:32
  • If any of the VM is running Windows Server Essential, it can be under the Windows Server 2019 Essentials, although only one (1) can run.

    Easiest might be to export the VMs to a safe location, reinstall the current Windows Server 2019 Essentials Hyper-V host as a Windows Server 2019 Standard/Datacenter, import the VMs to the newly installed Hyper-V host.

    The Datacenter allows you to run unlimited VMs, in other words all of your three (3) VMs can run without problems.

    The Standard Edition provides rights for up to 2 Operating System Environments or Windows Servers containers with Hyper-V isolation when all physical cores in the server are licensed.
    For each additional 1 or 2 VMs, all the physical cores in the server must be licensed again.

    So you might want to check with your reseller or with a Microsoft licensing specialist which would be the best suited for you.

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    2019年9月16日 11:43
  • Alright, thank you!

    So we're fixed the licensing part and are planning to reinstall the host server this week. Just to be sure, I want to check every step to make sure I don't forget something.

    1. Export the VM's to an external drive;
    2. Install WS2K19 Datacenter on the host server. Do I have to do a clean install or can I use the upgrade option?
    3. Install and configure Hyper-V;
    4. Import and activate the VM's.

    One more question, for which I'm most worried. One of the VM's has de DC function configured. After reinstalling the host server and importing the VM's, will the clients recognise the domain that was installed or do we have to join them to the domain again? Last time it took two full days to reconfigure the clients after joining the new domain, because of their mails, local program settings, etc.

    2019年10月6日 16:04
  • Perform a clean installation, otherwise the steps are correct.

    Document down all the current virtual switch settings and IP configurations, after you've re-installed the Hyper-V host, create the virtual switch and IP configurations as you've had them previously.

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    2019年10月6日 16:08
  • Thank you, Leon!
    I'll keep you updated when everything is in order!
    2019年10月6日 16:28
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    If there is anything else you need, please feel free to contact us.

    Really appreciated your understanding!

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    2019年10月7日 6:01
  • We did the reinstallation of the WS2K19 Datacenter and everything works like a charm! For some reason, this OS responds a lot faster than the Essentials, so that's a nice bonus :-)

    Thanks for all the help on this matter!

    2019年10月14日 13:15
  • Great stuff, you're welcome!

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    2019年10月14日 13:16
  • Well, darn it all, but today I got a message that the problem is still happening! Again, both the File and App VM's were turned off. I don't understand how. I did a clean install of Windows Server 2019 Datacenter on the Hyper-V host and imported the VM's back in.

    Now I really don't know where to look anymore...

    An overview of the current setup:

    Physical server: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter with Hyper-V role
    VM1: Windows Server 2019 Essentials which acts as PDC
    VM2: Windows Server 2019 Essentials which acts as Fileserver
    VM3: Windows Server 2019 Essentials which acts as App server

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    2019年10月17日 7:22
  • Make sure the guest VMs are activated.

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    2019年10月17日 7:24
  • You mean license activated through Settings -> System?
    Yes, they are activated with their licenses.
    2019年10月17日 7:35
  • This is now most likely an issue with the Windows Server Essentials or the licensing, better ask the experts in the dedicated Essentials forum:

    For licensing queries, you should ask a trained Microsoft licensing specialist or your reseller.

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    2019年10月17日 8:06
  • Alright, thank you Leon for all your help and patience with me! I created a post in the forum you linked to.

    Just one more quick question about something I just stumbled upon. I just noticed a Windows.old folder on the C-drive of the host server. It only has the Users folder in it, but could this be the problem?

    I find it really strange that there's a Windows.old folder when I did a clean install.

    2019年10月17日 9:17
  • he Windows.old folder contains all the files and data from your previous Windows installation. You can for example use it to restore your system to the old version of Windows if you don’t like the new version.

    Yes it's rather strange, unless you didn't format the volume, if you want to delete it you can try running the Disk Cleanup utility.

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    2019年10月17日 9:21