Huge issue with factory restore of windows 7 on Acer laptop


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    So my friend has been having a problem on her laptop where it will randomly give her a blue screen of death and shut down, then on reboot "repair windows" which took several minutes. I could easily see this had to be some sort of virus, and she had already gotten a virus before. I figured that a factory restore would be the best route to go, using the partition in the hard drive to reinstall windows 7 onto the laptop. After going through the process, and the computer applying setting for the first time like when you would buy the computer new, an error would come up: Setup.exe 0xc0000005 and then basically saying application could not start click ok to close or something like that. The setup will finish, but there is obviously something wrong with windows. For example, you can not access the screen resolution option when right clicking on the desktop, which was the first problem i noticed. There were numerous other problems such as this, as well as that the laptop did not recognize it had a wireless internet adapter and wanted an Ethernet cord plugged in. I believe there is something wrong with the windows factory install partition and i am wondering if there is a way to fix this. I dont have her computer with me right now as i am back home but it is an ACER, beyond that i dont know if 32 or 64 bit, but i believe 32 bit

    Thanks guys.
    2012年6月17日 21:48



  • I would run the factory restore again. Did she make restore disks for the computer? 
    2012年6月17日 22:01
  • You absolutely must contact Acer with this problem.  This is not a feature that Microsoft includes with Windows 7.  It is an implementation by Acer and Microsoft has nothing to do with the factory restore!

    Please the information @ carefully:

    If Windowswas already installed on your computer when you purchased it, your computer manufacturer provides support for Windows.

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    2012年6月17日 22:04
  • I ran the factory restore again with the same results. and no restore disks were made when the computer was first bought :( i did contact acer and they replied generically saying that it would be 199 bucks to have the computer sent in and repaired, no help whatsoever. I understand it is most likely acer who is supposed to provide support but do you have any other ideas?

    2012年6月17日 22:45
  • If Acer won't help you about all you can do is buy a copy of windows 7 and install that and then download the drivers for the computer from the Acer site. Is the computer under warranty by any chance? You can also go to the following link and order recovery disks but I dont know if you'll be any better off.

    2012年6月17日 23:44
  • Hi,

    Please contact Acer for the factory recovery disc.

    Acer Support


    TechNet Community Support

    2012年6月19日 3:37