"Unable to load profile, loading default profile" Problem in Windows 7 Pro 64 bit


  • Hi All,

    I am hoping that someone is able to help me fix this problem. This is the second time it is happening to me and the first time i had to do a fresh win 7 install to fix it. I am hoping that this time I will be able to fix it without needing a full reinstall of win 7. this affects all the users of the computer. the computer is not on a domain.

    I have already used system restore to move back to a point where this problem was not occuring but to no avail.


    I was installing the Zune application (as i purchased an HTC Titan) and while this was going on, I had a blue screen, after rebooting I was unable to login to my profile and got the dreaded "unable to load profile, loading default profile" that has been reported by scores of people.

    What I have tried so far:

    1. First thing i did was to use system restore to move back a couple of days but it did not help at all. I did notice that a couple of critical updates had been applied automatically the same day as the problem. i could not see the update numbers on the system restore screen.

    2. (this only made it worse, and the profile that i tried to fix now does not load at all.

    3. I did other things that people on this thread did but it did not help me at all,

    Can anyone give me any ideas on how to fix this problem?

    1. if this problem is due to the registry file being locked by some rogue program, can i force it to be unloaded somehow?

    2. Is there any way to prevent this type of problem occuring?

    3. I seem to see this problem only occurring on win 7 and Vista and never on XP, was there some change in the registry system that makes this problem more likely on the new OS's than on XP?


    Thanks for all your help.



    2011年11月21日 8:10


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  • Zune software is compatible with Windows 7. Therefore this kind of issue cannot be caused by compatibility problems.

    Zune software for your PC

    Now I suspect that one of the programs that work in kernel mode cause the BSOD issue and also damage your profile. You may create a new user profile. Log on with that profile, temporarily uninstall your antivirus and install MSE instead. Then please see if the issue occurs again.

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    2011年11月23日 3:02
  • Thanks Arthur,

    I had just downloaded the zune package from the site you mentioned and tried to install it. It had started working and also downloading some zune update when it crashed. could this be a possible virus problem?

    i will try it out the new user profile today, however, do you have any idea what can cause this type of problem and is it possible to solve it by modifying any setting or registry entry etc..

    I also am not really able to understand why (if this is a registry related problem) a system restore cannot fix the issue, i have tried to go back a day before the problem (did not work) and then even 5 days before the problem, which also did not work.

    What kind of file corruption can occur to cause this problem?

    One thing i had forgotten to mention that all the users currently on the machine have the same problem, not just the user from which the BSOD happened. Does this give you any clue about the profile corruption problem?





    2011年11月23日 7:12
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