Connecting a Windows 2007 Professional computer to a Windows Small Business Server 2003 domain


  • I am trying to connect a new computer using Windows 7 professional operating system to a domain on a Windows 2003 Small Business Server.  This new computer is replacing an old computer.  When I get to the final step of going to http://GCG/ConnectComputer I get the 403.6 error message.  I typed that message into the Title search on the Microsoft help website and printed out the steps they suggest to fix the problem.  I went in and added the IP address that is my server into the allow space and still am not able to connect.  Am I missing a step?  I tried just naming the new computer the same thing as the old computer and copied all of the tcp/ip info into the new computer with domain info and all but I could not go that route because the old computer has a space in the name and Windows 7 Proffessional will not allow spaces in the computer name.  Can you help?
    2012年6月7日 17:58