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  • On one of our workstations we were able to successfully install Windows 7, it is excellent, however there is a feature missing from the Display properties that was available in Vista.

    We need the ability to swap monitors assignments.  Vista had an option to select which monitor was on the left, and which monitor was on the right.

    We have a 24 inch HP monitor we use as the main monitor on the right, and a 19inch Samsung monitor we use as a secondary on the left.

    While Win 7 does give the ability to choose which is the primary, it does not allow us to select which monitor is on the right or left of the other.

    Unfortunately Win 7 has detected the HP as the left monitor.  With the desktop setup it's not a matter of just switching the physical placement of the monitors.  We need the ability to select position as it was offered in our previous setup.

    Until we find a way to swap them, we will continue of course to use the RC, but hope this will be addressed in one of the service update releases before Win7 goes RTM.

    If anyone has seen a solution to this issue outside of 3rd party software such as ultramon, we would be interested in hearing from you.

    David Southern
    Southern Productions

    2009年5月6日 23:21



  • Hi David

    Hmmm, that is strange.

    I have dual monitors here with the Desktop on the left.

    In the Display Settings, selecting monitor 2 (on the right) and clicking 'Make this my main display' switches the images, moving the Desktop from the left monitor to the right monitor.

    In some early testing, when we were looking for new features, I do remember using the cursor to drag the number 2 monitor over to the left of the number 1 monitor, in the Display Settings window, to see if this would have any effect and it did not. The only thing this did was to trap my mouse cursor on the left screen. :)

    Luckily, I was able to use the WinKey + Arrow Keys to move the Display window over to the monitor where I could use the mouse to reverse the changes.

    Maybe doing this had some effect on the main display option?

    I have an older ATI Radeon X600 graphic card with dual video outputs, one digital and one analog.


    Thank You for testing Windows 7 RC

    Ronnie Vernon MVP

    2009年5月7日 0:34
  • Hi Ronnie,

    You are right about selecting the main display.  It will shift the taskbar and icons over to either screen.

    What it doesn't do however is allow the cursor to go off the left monitor (going to the right) onto the right monitor and vice versa.

    At current with the monitors positioned as they are, if we are on the right monitor and want to get to the left monitor, we have to go away from the left monitor by going off the right hand side of the right monitor so we can enter the left monitor from the left.


    So is our user.... LOL

    With the ability to specify which monitor is on which side, it would behave as expected and be able to flow freely between monitors on the edge that sits next to eachother.

    Both outputs on this particular machine are digital, one DVI and one HDMI.

    We are still fighting a battle to get our three Asus boxes loaded with Win 7 (See my other posts) but once they are active, will have dual displays as well (one DVI and one RGB each).  Fortunately these are running dual Samsung 19's so it won't matter which one it assigns left and right at the moment.  As we are able to upgrade one of the monitors on each unit to a larger unit for a main monitor though, this WILL become an issue again on those boxes as well if there is no support for selecting monitor positions by then.

    Thanks for the reply and if you have any other suggestions, feel free to reply.

    David Southern
    Southern Productions

    2009年5月7日 0:45
  • Hi David

    Sorry for the delay, we are currently getting overwhelmed. :(

    I don't have any other suggestions, at the moment.

    I will escalate this issue to the Beta Team as a bug report and, hopefully they will be able to resolve this in a future update.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


    Thank You for testing Windows 7

    Ronnie Vernon MVP
    2009年5月7日 15:24
  • Ah, right click on the desktop, select Screen Resolution, and drag the Monitor 1 icon to the other side of the Monitor 2 icon
    2009年5月8日 11:55

    Thank you bubba979!

    Our old setup you had a drop down combo box to specify which monitor was left, which one was right.  I was unaware of the dragging ability.

    That did indeed work and such a simple solution!

    Thank you for the assistance.... We can mark this question answered and issue solved.
    2009年5月9日 2:47
  • Ah, right click on the desktop, select Screen Resolution, and drag the Monitor 1 icon to the other side of the Monitor 2 icon
    This worked perfectly for me, until I reboot my laptop. after a reboot or even the laptop going to sleep, they swap back.  Any ideas? Thanks.
    2010年4月23日 20:44
  • Nvidia Driver 197.45, Control Panel version 2.8.313.10

    I was unable to drag and drop the monitors to swop them over, however i did find a solution.

    Situation - Screen 1 is primary, screen 2 is on the left of your primary but you need to access the cursor through the right.

    Cure - Make Screen 2 primary and disable screen 1. click apply each time. then enable screen 1 again making it primary, this will place it physically on the right. You will have to move your icons across.


    Hope that makes sense :-)

    2010年5月11日 6:26
  • Thank you so much, I would not have thought the answer was something as simple as drag and drop.
    2010年7月26日 14:08