Connecting to a Process on Remote Machine in an Untrusted Domain Using RUNAS Locks Local Context


  • All,

    I am attempting to launch a programing as another user by running the following from a DOS prompt:

    runas /netonly /noprofile /user:domain_beta\crazy_adam "C:\Program Files\MyStuff\Foo.exe"

    When I do this, I lock out my current context (the account I've logged into my machine as). Some additional points:

    • The username part of the login (e.g., <domain_part>\<user_part>) is the same as my default context; so, assume I login to "domain_alpha" as "crazy_adam" and I'm attempting to start my executable as "domain_beta\crazy_adam".
    • There is no trust between "domain_alpha" and "domain_beta", and creating a trust relationship between the two domains is not an option.
    • If I attempt to run the command as a local (machine non-domain) user (with membership in the machine's Administrators group), I am able to connect without any issues.

    The issue was quite precisely described in a post by Jason Folkens:

    However, I didn't see a resolution to the problem he described in the thread.

    I'm not looking for a resolution per se. I just want to understand what's happening.



    2012年6月8日 15:51


  • Hi,

    As alpha domain has the same account, the credential will be forwarded to alpha PDC for authentication and the account will be locked out due to bad password.

    Thanks, Brian

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    2012年6月12日 16:23
  • Brian,

    Thanks for the response.

    I executed the test case from my initial note yesterday, and it launched the process without locking me out. Consequently, I was executing the test case solely to demonstrate the problem, which didn't occur. I'm not sure if the issue is intermittent or I missed some other factor.

    I'll conduct additional analysis and update this thread.



    2012年6月13日 13:42