Backup & Restore \wo CD ROM


  • I have a laptop without a CD Rom. A system back was made onto partition F. I tried to restore the system partition but that fails because the Backup & Restore runs from that OS partition. So I tried the following:

    * Copy the backup onto the network and then trying to access it through the network. It prompts me for the login information but then it fails with error 0x800704cf. I also shared the folder with the backup to the network trying to point directly to my computer but that failed as well. I tried various login information including [username] and [mycomputer]\[username] (computer is not on a domain).

    * I created a bootable USB stick and copied the content of a system repair disc created on a different computer but the same OS (Win 7 Prof, 64-bit). When I boot from it I get a "Windows found problems with your computer's startup options". The repair fixes {boot mgr}. I chose that but then the system could not boot anymore. I fixed that and in my next trial ignored that error. When I then continued I get the error "An internal error occurred 0x80070002".

    At this point I am not sure what else I can do to restore my system image. Any input is appreciated.

    2012年6月17日 18:59