Windows 7 - auto update failed, then computers slows downafter reboot, but freezes and blue screen


  • I am using Windows 7 on a Toshiba Satellite L735. Last week, auto windows update ran. Download seem completed and I had finished working, so I shut down the computer. The part with the screen stating update was ongoing came on. But somehow the installation did not seem to advance after an hour or so. Got stucked at 2%...

    I might have done the wrong thing by forcing a shutdown but that seems the only way out at that time. On reboot the next time, I got the message that windows was not sut down properly. I went to safe mode and things seemed ok. So I restarted normally from there.

    What happened after that is windows did not work properly anymore. After I open a few operations, the computer sort of hangs and did not responded, then it goes into blue screen. I had to reboot into safe mode etc..restarted etc...I tried recovery too. I hd tried the cycle to reboot in safe mode and restart a few times. Safe mode seems ok, I can even get online. But when I restart normally and use operations, the whole problem repeats.

    Is this a hard dis failure or is it a problem resulting from failure to properly update windows?

    Apologies as I am not tech savy and might not have explained the problem well.

    Thanks in advance for any help or advise from anyone.

    2012年2月22日 22:38