google chrome script for auto refresh/reload for single tab RRS feed

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  • I am trying to have a powershell in order to automatically refresh google chrome tab , the below script works fine but it refreshes all tab , can you help 

    while(1 -eq 1){ 
            $wshell=New-Object -ComObject; 
            $wshell.AppActivate('Google Chrome'); # Activate on Google Chrome 
            Sleep 10; # Interval (in seconds) 
                    $wshell.SendKeys('{F5}'); # F5 to refresh active page 
    2019年4月18日 9:45


  • Please ask Chrome questions on the Google Chrome developer forum.  This forum does not support Chrome.  It is likely that what you are trying to do cannot be done with Chrome.


    2019年4月18日 12:06