Why WCF LOB Adapter SDK 2013 is mising with the "WCF Adapter Service" visual studio project template? RRS feed

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  • I tried to download the WCF SDK 2013 from and install it.

    The "WCF LOB Adapter" project template is available from VS 2012 after installing the WCF LOB SDK before.

    But another important project template "WCF Adapter Service" is missing.

    If you unzip the installation package "WCF-LOB-Adapter-SDK-2013-x64.exe" into local folder, you will find only one VSTemp file at "Program Files\VSTemp\CSharp" named "". If you unzip the "" and open "adaptersource.vstemplate", it is namd as "WCF LOB Adapter".

    There should be another project template below "Program Files\VSTemp\CSharp" folder but it does not exist.

    I did another try to download an older version of WCF LOB Adapter SP1 at, if you unzip the file "WCF LOB Adapter SDK SP1 x64.exe" and you will find another template named "WCFAdapterService.Zip" at "Program Files\VSTemp\CSharp\Web".

    So I am really confused why the "WCFAdapterService" project template is not included in latest WCF LOB SDK 2013?

    2013年8月28日 8:25