Support for X32 ABI RRS feed


  • I do not think it will be supported because our develop groun does not mention about it. You may access the developer's blog and get more information there.

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    2012年8月23日 上午 07:58
  • I meant support in Windows 9. I haven't found forum about Windows 9.
    2012年8月23日 上午 08:09
  • Hey William,

    I know it's 7 years too late, thus also sorry for resurrecting old thread, but X32 can be pretty easily emulated for user mode code by dropping the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag. Then your process will only get 31-bit pointers (2 GBs of address space) and you can use normal int/long for pointers.

    I've tested and benchmarked it here:

    The actual gains vary. I've measured 9% for optimistic data and 3% for pessimistic data.

    2019年6月18日 下午 02:51