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  • When will Microsoft release the 1903 ADMX templates for Windows 10?


    Ian Matthews

    2019年6月5日 上午 12:14


  • Hi,

    Thank you for posting in Microsoft TechNet Forum.

    As of today, there is no official documentation or download link "yet" for the Windows 10 (1903) ADMX template.

    You will have to give it some more time before the latest ADMX template gets released. The following link lists some changes in the new ADMX 1903, please try to refer to it:

    Note: This is a third-party link and we do not have any guarantees on this website. This is just for your convenience. And Microsoft does not make any guarantees about the content.

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    • 已提議為解答 hurry yang 2019年6月12日 上午 07:07
    2019年6月5日 上午 01:40
  • Currently, there is no official documentation on the Group Policy Object (GPO) settings for the latest release of Windows 10.

    But you can extract through PowerShell:

    S.Sengupta,Microsoft MVP Windows and Devices for IT, Windows Insider MVP

    2019年6月5日 上午 02:13
  • Thank you for posting. I have the same question ;-)

    Martin Schneeberger

    2019年6月5日 上午 05:00
  • I have the same question ;-)

    2019年6月5日 上午 08:32
  • Hi,
    How things are going there on this issue?

    Please let me know if you would like further assistance.

    Best regards,


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    2019年6月9日 上午 11:43
  • I have the same question ;-)
    2019年6月9日 下午 04:52
  • I feel like this is a major oversight on Microsoft's part.  This should have been ready and available the day of release, at a minimum...especially given how long this build was delayed from release, that should have been plenty of time for Microsoft to get all of its ducks in a row.  Otherwise, it is a practical impossibility to manage a 1903 deployment in an Enterprise environment.  Not unless we utilize 'unofficial' methods, anyway.
    2019年6月10日 下午 06:56
  • Do you have an UNofficial ROUGH ETA for release of Win10 1903 ADMX templates? 

    I need to know if I should start creating custom reg entries pushed through GPO or I should just hold off because the release is expected to be another two weeks.


    Ian Matthews

    2019年6月10日 下午 07:08
  • grab a copy of the ADMX/ADML files from a v1903 pc?

    Don [doesn't work for MSFT, and they're probably glad about that ;]

    2019年6月10日 下午 10:14
  • Hi Guys,

    In a recent discussion with the MS Team. Nobody has an idea when they are going to release the ADMX for windows 10 1903 however if you have installed the OS on the machine you can manually copy the ADMX from the OS as they have been updated in the OS this time. 

    What I mean to say is that on your windows 10 1903 open the location (C:\Windows\PolicyDefnitions. Copy the EN-US and rest of the ADMX files . Update them in your DC CentralStore Aka C:\windows\sysvol\domain\policies\PolicyDefinitions 

    Hope this helps. 

    2019年6月12日 上午 08:11
  • Thanks for the response. 

    Do you know if there a reason the 1903 ADMX templates have not been released separately?  Are there bugs?

    Ian Matthews

    2019年6月12日 下午 08:42
  • Hi,

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    Please be patient to wait.

    If there are any updates, I will keep you informed.

    Best regards,


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    2019年6月13日 上午 07:25
  • Hi, I'd also like to be notified when the v1903 admx files are available. I'm aware you're not personally responsible, but I agree with the other commenters that Microsoft should have released the v1903 group policies at the same time they pushed v1903 to the stable channel for widespread release.
    2019年6月21日 下午 03:44
  • We are now into July so 1903 has been RTM'd for 3 months, surely someone at MS has a formal update on when the new templates will be released (OR has direction to pull them from a currently patched C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions )


    Ian Matthews

    2019年7月3日 下午 06:04
  • Looking for these as well and agreed, if the templates have issues the OS should be held too (IMHO).
    2019年7月8日 下午 12:52
  • Hi,

    Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10 May 2019 Update (1903)

    download link as below:

    Best Regards,


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    2019年7月17日 上午 06:00
  • All right! Thanks! Now to compare these to the GPO's I snagged from the PolicyDefinitions folder of my 1903 template installed from ISO.
    2019年7月23日 下午 08:05
  • Yesterday, at client X, William's link worked. Today, at client Y, it's a 404 error. Either a v2 is coming soon or the webmaster screwed up.
    2019年8月13日 下午 02:23
  • The link is currently broken, the page shows an "Error 404 - Not Found" error.
    2019年8月13日 下午 04:02
  • The link broke. What happen? Let me know when it is reposted.
    2019年8月13日 下午 04:11
  • Download has been pulled off :-(
    2019年8月14日 上午 11:47
  • Did you find any differences?
    2019年8月14日 下午 01:39
  • Did you find any differences?

    It's really strange.

    I only use en-US and de-DE, so I compared the ADMX files and the AMDL of en-US and de-DE.

    v1 is missing file MicrosoftEdge.admx, v2 features file MicrosoftEdge.admx, but that file is identical to the MicrosoftEdge.admx of v1809, so if you already had the ADMX files of 1809 before in your PolicyDefinitions and copy the ADMX files of 1903 v1 to your directory, the correct file is already there ;-) !

    The rest of the ADMX files v1 compared to v2 is identical!

    Now let's check the ADML files (en-US and de-DE) of v1 and v2. They are also identical, BUT v1 features one more file: SearchOCR.adml. So v2 of 1903 is missing file SearchOCR.adml in both directories en-US and de-DE. Strange!

    Hope that helps ;-)

    As for me there is no need in updating my PolicyDefinitions with v2. I already had MicrosoftEdge.admx from my v1809 PolicyDefinitions and from my 1903 v1 installation the SearchOCR.adml is present in both directories en-US and de-DE.

    2019年8月17日 下午 02:41