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  • Ok here is the situation, i have a company that canned there previous IT person after that person was doing questionable things.. 

    Yeah like reading other employee emails and then hitting on the women of the office with the secret details of the emails and threatening blackmail.. Yeah really good IT person.. 

    So here is the situation

    I have a Local Administrator account on two non domain Hyper-V servers, this local administrator account password is unknown, i know i can't boot a thumb drive to get the password on a RAID controlled system, that i would have to go through all the process of the PE build with the drivers etc, and even then i could bypass the password, but couldn't just figure out what it was..

    That said, the same local admin password exists on the Domain added laptops, so i can get into them as a domain administrator, does anyone know a tool i can use, or method where i can extract the local administrator password for the local admin accounts? Obviously i can reset it, but that doesn't help me on the two non-domain added Servers. 

    If anyone can think of a 3rd party tool, paid, or free, or a way to gather this detail through the registry i would really appreciate the details, again i am not violating any terms here as i can get in, i am also not asking for hacking information, or details as i can crack it if i had to, but i really want to do this the easiest way possible.. And without having to install a library crack tool on the network on purpose.. 

    Any help you can give me or any direction you can point me to would be super appreciated.. 

    Thanks in advance.. 


    2019年10月16日 下午 02:07