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  • Does anybody know a way to get Media Player to display a count of the number of songs in the library?  That was one of the few features of iTunes that I liked.  I'm running WMP 12.0 under Win 7.  Thanks.


    2014年1月14日 下午 10:05



  • First, make sure that the list of songs is focused by selecting a single song. Then press Ctrl+A to select all songs in the list. WMP should then briefly show the total song count and duration in the lower right corner.

    Tim De Baets

    2014年1月17日 下午 08:44
  • thats a basic windows feature that only shows the file count NOT the view count.
    2018年2月9日 下午 07:39
  • If you have a large library, say more than 10,000 songs you will not get a correct count (may read 5,000 or 10,000). To get a correct one, display "music", then pull the scroll bar on the right to the bottom. It will bounce back up, maybe several times. Keep pulling it til it stays there! Then do your cntrl-A. You will get a count and total playing time for a second or two at the bottom. If you missed it, drag and drop all the selected songs into the "Play" pane and it will display til you clear the play list.

    This works for WMP 12.

    2019年8月25日 下午 10:08