Sign in between Local and Microsoft account most time caught Errors RRS feed

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  • Sign in between Local and Microsoft account most time caught Errors "Whoops , whatever our faults..." since Oct. 2018 time to today . 

    Windows 10 pro there are two accounts , local and Microsoft would defaulted for users any instead of previous administrator account ? 

                             - MSM failed to get , or later getting 

                             - Authority lost , as spare account existing , 

                             - by Done , Undo DB who knows what happened , happening in every second ?

                             - Sync less , updating error , changed error codes , tried all TechNet... unfixed 



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  • See:

    When you can't sign in to your Microsoft account

    S.Sengupta,Microsoft MVP Windows and Devices for IT, Windows Insider MVP

    2019年7月19日 上午 02:31
  • Good news this afternoon: 

                  Sign to Microsoft account is successfully at around 13:00 anyway , posted discussion on this morning 7:30 July 19 2019  around .

    It is very normal as if unable to sign in either account local or Microsoft at anytime testing hereby ,  …  ? Developer Microsoft pay highly attentions please. 


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  • Hello,

    Please run official Microsoft Accounts troubleshooter, if issue still persists.


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    2019年7月19日 上午 06:04
  • Thank you Kapli coming to help this ,

    Difficulty sign in Microsoft Account was from Location Account,  it is signed back from a later time none fixed done signed in to Microsoft one.

              Account Troubleshooter at the local today's account having error , do have to use Microsoft account always ?

              Control Panel item , troubleshooting tool unfounded  "Microsoft Accounts Troubleshooter " ?  Where , cmd to launch up it besides the link you advising here ?  See the attachments next please .




    control panel none ms account troubleshooter ms accounts troubleshooter

    2019年7月20日 下午 10:55
  • Hi,

    Was your issue resolved?

    Regarding Microsoft account based issue, I would suggest you post in the following forum for more help:

    Thanks for your understanding.

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  • As the similar capture in jul 20 2019 posted above, there are the same errors to the account troubleshooting ? When SyncActive mailserver , usual websites accessible as well , modem fiber ipv6 connecting . 


    account troubleshooting error


    2019年7月26日 上午 10:50