Consolidating multiple clusters onto single 2-node cluster


  • Hi,

    We currently have about five separate 2-node clusters that we are planning to consolidate into a single 2-node cluster on newer hardware . What is the best way to migrate the current CSV's to the new hardware/cluster WITHOUT having to migrate any data?

    Will it work if CSV is disabled on the current cluster, unmap the LUN, create the new cluster on the new hardware, then map that LUN back to the new cluster and re-attach the CSV back?


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  • Hello ,

    Yes you can but you will have to reconfigure all VMs and they will loose network configurations etc.

    Therefore make a new Cluster .

    Move old VMs to new Cluster with SCVMM.

    Or Remove all VMs from cluster resource. It will stay in Hyperv Manager.

    Export all VMs to a place.

    Then import all VMs to New Clusters Hyperv Manager.

    Then add them to Cluster as a resource.

    Hope that it will give an idea.


    Murat Demirkiran

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