Turning off Enhanced Internet Explorer in Windows 2008 R2


  • I'm new at this and I've looked at the other posts and I've tried to duplicate what they've said but it doesn't work. Does someone know how to disable enhanced security in Internet Explorer running Windows Server 2008 R2? I'd really appreciate it because I can't even apply service packs because the settings don't allow downloads.

    Thank you in advance

    15. června 2012 20:45


  • Open up the Server Manager on WS 2008 R2. Configure IE ESC is located on the right hand side of the interface in the section heading Security Information.

    Click on "Configure IE Esc" and the configuration window will open.

    Now choose whether to turn off IE ESC for Administrators or for Users or for both.  

    Open up Internet Explorer and you will notice the Warnings " Protected mode is currently turned off for the Local intranet zone..." which indicates that IE ESC has been disabled. 

    You can disable IE ESC through Group Policies as well ! 

    how do I disable IE ESC on 2008 servers through Group Policy ?

    Hope that helps !


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