Windows 2008 Patch Scripting and UAC - Workaround Wanted


  • I am in a network environment where I need to use vbscript to do server patching. I have scripts set up that work have great automation and work fine on 200+ Windows 2003 servers. We are going to be migrating to Windows 2008, and I've been hitting a brick wall with the scripting for that.

    The script I use runs as a scheduled task under the System account. When it tries to launch a patch, the UAC prompts. In my environment, I can't turn the UAC off. Also, I can't use WSUS, GPO's or SMS. I have tried to make a script that creates scheduled tasks to execute the scripts directly. Again, it tries to execute, but prompts. I have tried using the Principal.RunLevel =1, but that doesn't seem to help.

    Whether direct in a wbscript, by a script-generated scheduled task, or however:

    Is there a way to execute a Windows 2008 patch using automation, without any interrupting pop-ups or prompts, using just the tools (vbscripts, tasks, etc.) found in Windows 2008?



    15. června 2012 17:44

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