Is it possible to connect to windows desktop sharing using standard rdp client?


  • MS's desktop sharing api uses AxRDPViewer to open invitation string to connect windows desktop sharing.

    Is it possible to connect to windows destop sharing using MS's "Remote destop connection for mac" and similar Rdp client?


    26. února 2012 3:26

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    Windows Desktop Sharing is a multiple-party screen-sharing technology. Key scenarios include remote assistance, real-time collaboration and conferencing, and video communication. With Remote Desktop Services, a session is always created when a user connects remotely through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). With Windows Desktop Sharing, a local desktop can be transmitted over an RDP connection without creating an additional session.

    There are two participants in Windows Desktop Sharing: the sharer and the viewer. The sharer is the system whose screen is being shared out, while the viewer is the system that can view the sharer's screen.

    If only for desktop sharing or controlling, you can use the remote control, you can monitor the actions of a client logged on to a terminal server by remotely controlling the user's session from another session. Remote control allows you to either observe or actively control another session. If you choose to actively control a session, you will be able to input keyboard and mouse actions to the session. A message can be displayed on the client session asking permission to view or take part in the session before the session is remotely controlled. You can use Terminal Services Group Policies or Terminal Services Configuration to configure remote control settings for a connection and Terminal Services Manager to initiate remote control on a client session.

    More information:

    Windows Desktop Sharing

    Remote Assistance and Resulting Internet Communication in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

    Technology changes life……

    27. února 2012 9:27
  • Hi Dollar Thanks for your reply.

    But I wander 

    1 is desktop sharing based on MS RDP protocol

    2 if yes, is it possible to connect to desktop sharing using a client which understands RDP protocol

    1. března 2012 13:28
  • I am trying to "share a single document" just like netmeeting "Share Program", where only one document should be shared at a time to "viewer".

    If any other "window" popup over the "document" at the "sharer" end  then that part should be made "Opaque" at the "Viewer" end (in AxRDPViewer control).

    If the "document" is minimized at the "Sharer" end whole "AxRDPViewer" should be opaque at the "Viewer" end.

    Can you please help me out in knowing is there any method or property in AxRDPViewer to do this.

    Or is there any logic to achieve it.

    Thanks in advance.

    28. června 2012 11:52