Virtual NAT server no Internet access


  • Hi

    I'm having problems accessing the Internet using a VM NAT.

     My hyper-v server (2008 R2) is joined to my network domain, with a single physical NIC. On this host I have set up a private virtual domain  with a single DC and a couple of Win 7 workstations. After I had set this up and got it working I realized I really needed proper Internet access in the private network, so I set up another VM Server 2008 R2 as a NAT machine, according to these instructions: .

    The NAT machine is not joined to my actual domain, but is subject to all its vagaries, including Network Access Control. For that I have McAfee EPO and virus scanning installed on the NAT VM. I have network resource access from the NAT VM, but I get the message that I have no Internet access. I CAN reach pages if I add each and every page that pops up to the Trusted Sites zone, but this is for EVERY page, even when I've previously added them (then it tells me I've already added it).

    I've set the IE 8 settings as low as possible, my tray icon stills reports No Internet Access. I get the feeling it's actually nothing to do with IE.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, or require more info to be able to make one?

    Thanks x10 e6

    26. března 2012 15:13

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