High Availability / Failover Clustering - Power Outage / UPS strategy


  • I have some questions in regards to power outage strategy while using Hyper V failover clustering. This is an extension of what was covered in this thread:

    I understand the options presented here and the best solution as put forward... but, it seems there is something missing.  This option is not possible with my setup as due to memory limits I cannot hold all vm's on one of my hosts (I have three hosts in my cluster). I can handle one host going down but not two of the three hosts. I am limited to about 20 mins of runtime while on my APC UPS.

    All of my VM's are set up with High Availability as I want the ability to be able to move VM's around as workload dictates. I would like to be able to leave high availability on my vm's but be able to choose which ones failover to another host and which ones shutdown (as the VM's have different priorities)

    Is there any way to do this?  Some way to prioritize the VM's and the action taken when the shutdown command is issued (some shutdown and others failover)... this functionality would be extremely helpful in my situation.

    Any ideas on the best way forward in my situation?



    11. června 2012 19:54


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