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  • Hello, at this link there is the Prestuff properties where i can put a URL to a stream on demand and put it in cache.

    What i need is to put a list of URLs and i need the server do the caching at nigth, i have read that this is possible in IIS AAR proxy when using IIS media services (smooth streaming), can i do the same using Windows Media Services ?

    Note: Currently we cant use IIS Media Sevice because the lack of a client for smooth streaming in WinForms.

    Thanks for any help.


    19. dubna 2011 16:01


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  • Yes, you can use cache proxy in Windows Media server 9.5

    Please refer the following articles

    Thank you, Shani

    14. března 2012 9:22
  • Shanibasha is correct.  ARR doesn't cache Windows Media Services content.  You need to use the WMS Cache Proxy plug-in.  From a scripting perspective it's actually probably easier to just script Windows Media Player to request the content you want to cache on the server and point WMP to that cache.

    14. března 2012 17:16