GPP Printers "Remove this item when it is no longer applied" not removing printers


  • Hi,

    I am testing a GPP to deply printers over RDP, host server 2008 r2 remote desktop server is in a terminal services specific OU, any Terminal Services specific GPOs are applied to this OU.

     "Run in logged-on user's security context", and "Remove this item when it is no longer applied" are enabled.

    Item-level targeting is set to use "Terminal Session:Remote Desktop Services", and using the parameter "Client TCP/IP" to distinguish the location.

    What I want to achieve is to let GPP to add/removes printers according to TCP/IP ranges which I specified.

    (e.g. when logged on from Printer-A is deployed, and when accessed from, removes Printer-A and deploys Printer-B. And when user goes back to , Printer-B is removed and installes Printer-A) 

    GPP installs printers as I want it to, however, when I log in from different subnet, this does not remove printer previously deployed.

    This one tell that when "Remove this item when it is no longer applied" is enabled, it changes the behaviour and preference is not tattoed.

    Am I missing anything?

    Many thanks

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    26. března 2012 16:52


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  • Would you mind to post the XML from your Printer assignments?
    sincerely, Martin

    NO THEY ARE NOT EVIL, if you know what you are doing: Good or bad GPOs?
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  • Hi Chonmage,

    Thanks for the posting.

    I suggest we check the thread below to see whether its information can help in our situation:

    GPP TCP/IP Printers Uninstall/Reinstall during background refresh

    As we can see in that thread, we need to create multiple GPOs and enable "Remove this item when it is no longer applied" on all of them. 

    "The best configuration I have figured out is to use three. The first to uninstall any printers for others sites. A second to install the printers for the current site, and then a third to set the default using a user policy."

    In the meantime, please refer to the following article to get more information about the "Remove this item when it is no longer applied" option:
    Configure Common Options - Remove this item when it is no longer applied



    27. března 2012 9:09
  • hi Martin, Kevin

    thanks for your message.

    i've now created three GPOs, removing all shared printers, deploying printers in local range, and setting default printer according to TCP/IP range, as suggested.

    However, the problem now is that not all GPOs are applied, and only one printer related policy is being applied, so I'm trying to get inheritance order sorted to see if this sorts things out.

    At the minute, all 3 are applied in the same child OU, and I've changed the link order so that remove applied first, then deploy, default setting order. But this didn't seem to work.

    I will look bit further when I get a chane tomorrow.


    27. března 2012 17:07
  • Hi Chonmage,

    I understand that you are test the GPOs with inheritance order and link order.

    Here is an article which I hope can be helpful to you:

    Group Policy Inheritance

    Please feel free to let us know if there is any progress in our troubleshooting.



    29. března 2012 3:38