Mutilple Site Domain with Cable Modems


  • Hi,

    I have started working for a smaller company and we currenlty have 4 sites.  They are all connected to the internet via comcast business class.  We have static IP addresses avaible.  Currently each site has its own active directory, domain, and none of the other sites are aware of each other.  I was wondering if there was any good resrouces on reading up on how best to configure a single domain that would connect all of these sites. 

    I am assuming that there will have to be point to point vpn connections made at each site. Outside of that I am kind of in the dark.  I have my MCSA 2003 cert and have worked with MS for over 10 years, but it was in an enterprise role, so theWAN adminstration is new to me. 

    I am assuming that I am not the first person to run into this issue, however I do not seem to be able to put together the correct google search terms to find a blog from anyone who as done this before. 

    Thanks for any recomendations.


    28. února 2012 15:20


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