Server DC 2003 to 2008 upgrade. Need further advice.


  • Hi Guys,

    Good Day! I've read a the procedures in upgrading a Domain Controller
    however, there are things that I need to know more before I proceed just to make
    sure of everything:

    • The 1st Domain Controller (Server 2003 x86) running the Active Directory, DNS and DHCP.
      QUESTION: What happens if I did not continue the upgrade but already run the adprep?
      QUESTION: After the upgrade, will the AD, DNS and DHCP remain un-touched?
    • The 2nd Domain Controller (Server 2003 x86) running Active Directory and DNS only.
      QUESTION: Is the procedure the same (running adprep)?
    • I have a Member Server (Server 2003 x86) that is a file server and SQL 2005 server at the same time.
      QUESTION1: Is the procedure the same (running adprep)?
      QUESTION2: Will the Security/Permission Settings in all the folders and SQL  Database remain untouched after the upgrade?
    • We already have a few member servers that is running Server 2008 x86 on the network.
      QUESTION: Will this be affected after the upgrade?

    Appreciate your advise. Thanks


    14. června 2012 15:35


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