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  • I've begun testing Server 2008 Core and currently have it running in an Oracle VirtualBox doing file and print sharing. The file piece is running just fine, but running into roadblocks with the printing piece.

    I am using Windows 7x 64 Pro and the print management console and I am trying to create a tcp/ip printer on the core server. It goes through finds the printer but cannot load the driver. If I point to the same directory as I do locally on my PC it keeps coming back stating no compatible software could be found. In this case I am using an old HP 4100 and have also tried an 8100 and Xerox Phase 6128. Suffice it to say I've run out of ideas at this point, any thoughts?

    30. března 2012 17:44


  • Hi,
    According to the description, the issue seems to be related to Print. As we mainly focus on the Server Core question about Windows Server system and here is not the best support resource for Print, it is recommend you to get further support in the corresponding community so that you can get the most qualified pool of respondents. Thanks for your understanding.
    For your convenience, I have list the related link as followed.

    Vincent Hu

    TechNet Community Support

    2. dubna 2012 4:45

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