Terminal Services Regional Settings DATE Problem


  • Hello All.

    I have a Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Server. There is a Microsoft Access database running on this server.

    I have set the regional settings and system local in English on this server.

    The clients are running Windows XP and have set the regional settings in English, too.

    The remote clients connect to the Terminal Services Server in order to work with the Microsoft Access Database. The problem is that when they open a Microsoft Access Report then the "DATE" is displayed in Greek Language.

    All the regional settings in both the Terminal Services Server and the client are set in English so I can not figure out how the date field appears in "Greek".

    If I open the database directly on the Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services server then the "DATE" appears in English.

    Only the remote clients are having this problem. Any ideas how to resolve this problem?

    Thank you in advance.


    27. června 2012 6:13


  • Hi,

    Have you ever change the regional setting of this user on terminal server? Is this issue occurs on all users or specific user? Please try to create a new user for test. If do not have this issue, please try to delete current user profile on terminal server and re-login, to see if the issue still persists.


    Best Regards,


    Aiden Cao

    TechNet Community Support

    28. června 2012 7:24