What UUID's to specifiy for Firewall filtering on Windows 2008 for MSDTC


  • I have 2 machines that need to take part in a distributed transaction using MSDTC. In between these machines sits a firewall that needs to be configured to allow the network traffic to flow (fairly typical :-) ). There seems to be 2 methods for configuring the firewall:

    1. Configure MSDTC to use a fix set of ports ( e.g. 5000-5020 ) and open these ports up on the firewall
    2. Specify the UUID's for MSDTC communication.

    Option 2 is the preferred option (reasons are outside of the scope of this question)

    The following article states the UUID's to configure on the firewall to enable MSDTC communication but does not give the windows server version this applies to.

    Has anyone configured a firewall with these UUID's with Windows 2008 servers and successfully managed to 'chat' between the boxes?

    Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012 17:53