Multiple Keyboard layouts (Std/ Dvorak), Srv 2008, during RDC session


  • My Client has a server 2008 Standard R2

    It is used for hosting a few applications, remote users log in via VPN, then RDC (Remote Desktop Session Hist services)) and use these applications installed on this server (Accounting, bidding etc). This is NOt in a domain, but Workgroup mode. (they may upgrade to Small Business Server)

    The Pres. uses the DVORAK keyboard layout, while all others use Standard Keyboard Layouts.

    While the Pres. is logged in via RDC, someone else may log in also, this changes his keyboard layout.

    How can I set different Keyboard layouts to simoultaneously be used during multiple remote desktop sessions?

    Thank you in advance for your help


    Freitag, 8. Juni 2012 19:43


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  • I would like to clarify one thing.

    the user (Pres.) is able to change the Keyboard to DVORAK, yet the keyboard layout does not stay persistant if someone else logs in and changes it. It seems there is only one Keyboard configuration allowed at a time on a physical machine.

    Freitag, 8. Juni 2012 19:53
  • Hi,

    You can create a dedicated user account for the Pres. All settings will saved in this user profile. Make sure the account not shared with other, so they cannot affect the keyboard setting of the Pres.

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    Aiden Cao

    TechNet Community Support

    Montag, 11. Juni 2012 09:10