Missing scripts -WSUS on Server 2012


  • I'm having problems getting my computers to show up in WSUS.  I found this troubleshooting guide: Issues with Client Self-Update which suggests that I run this command:

    cscript WSUSInstallDirectory\setup\installselfupdateonport80.vbs

    However, in my server's "C:\Program Files\Update Services\Setup" folder, there is no such file.  I have 7 other files (DynamicCompression.vbs, IISConfig.xml, etc.), but no installselfupdateonport80.vbs file.  Where do I get this file, or is there some other way to figure out why my computers are not connecting to this thing?

    By the way, an attempt to connect to http:// WSUSServerName /selfupdate/ (as suggested in the aforementioned document) fails from my client computers (webpage cannot be found).

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Dienstag, 13. November 2012 15:33


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