Powerpoint problems in terminal server mode


  • We are making ppt presentations to be used by computer iliterates on a touch screen. To interrupt the presentation, we created a STOP "action button" on each slide, so people can interrupt the show whenever they like.
    This works fine on a normal PC, but when we run powerpoint or powerpoint viewer on a server and connect a Windows CE touch screen PC client via RDP, the STOP action button has no effect anymore. You can advance the slides by "clicking" on them via the touch screen, but when you click on the STOP button the server advances the slide in stead of executing the action.

    Tried with the show running on a normal XP PC and connecting screen through RDP.
    Any by running the show on a Windows 2003 server and same RDP connection.

    Behaviour was the same in both cases.

    Does anyody know how to make the server execute the stop action button?
    Friday, June 19, 2009 3:08 PM

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