How to Give Admin permission in user or OU


  • Hi to all....

    In My office am using Windows server 2008 standard edition,am configured every thing DNS,AD,DHCP,GPO via OU, 40 users in my office, i want to create one user with administrator rights(limited rights), Already i created one OU, OU name Local admin, but i d'ont know where am giving administrator Rights(limited rights) for that OU,one  colleague is working in My team,now both are using same Administrator log in,thats what i want to know about how to give administrator rights(limited rights)  in one user or OU,because when am off in office,My colleague is take care My office in personal log in,i don't like to Both using administrator log in,please any one tell me how to give administrator rights(limited rights)in one user or OU, purpose to install application file sharing,add client to Domain like this few rights only i want, then my query is  if any other option is there?  in GPO at user configuration...?  for install application ,IP change and few things
    Tuesday, April 30, 2013 8:54 AM


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