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    So we have the following config

    Domain1 in Site A which is protected by Firewalls and is on its own VLAN

    Domain2 in Site B which is protected by Firewalls and is on its own Vlan

    There are no trusts in place between Domain 1 and Domain 2

    We want to migrate and build some end user devices in Site B via SCCM in Domain1:Site1

    DHCP exists on Domain 2 in Site B and that gives the EUD an IP Address when it boots.

    We have opened all the respective Ports for AD, SCCM and general networking. We are certain of this.

    We are using a BOOT USB Key to connect to the SCCM2012 in Domain1:SiteA and it makes the initial connection but it then

    stops and times out.

    It would appear that the DNS in Domain1:Site1 does not update its DNS and so when SCCM responds its responding to a invalid IP. The process is that the USB Build key boots, gets an IP Address and DNS [we have DNS Forwarders in Domain 2:Site B] an then attempts to build the device via SCCM2012 in Domain1:Site1. However, after the outbound connection from the device it bombs out.

    When we ping the temporaty build hostname from Domain1:SiteA it translates to another IP Subnet.

    I guess the questions is how do we ensure that the IP the EUD gets during build process is reflected in the DNS in Domain1:SiteA?

    I would have thought that the DNS would be automatically updated? But then on closer thought I guess as the DNS is set to "Secure Only" updates its ignoring it? And the fact that the Build process means the EUD is still not on the Domain in Domain1:SiteA would mean that it has no permission to dynamically update the host name?

    How can I get the DNS in DOmain 1:SiteA to update its DNS so that the SCCM2012 server there can reply with the right IP Address?

    We have listed the subnet of Domain2:SiteB in AD Sites and Services for Domain1:SiteA


    Monday, June 4, 2018 6:46 PM

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