RDS and server CAL confusion


  • As I understand things, if I have 100 users accessing one server (for example, for printing, file services, etc.) and RDS users, I need 100 server CALs and 20 RDS CALs.  Is this correct?

    Where my confusion comes in is this - does an RDS user need both a server CAL and an RDS CAL assigned to them?

    So if you are licensing by User and 100% of your 100 users are RDS/Citrix/TS - do I still need to buy 100 of each?


    Thursday, February 07, 2013 1:52 AM


  • Hi,

    Under Per User licensing, each user that connects via Remote Desktop needs a Windows Server CAL and a RDS CAL.  In your example you would need 100 Windows Server CALs and 100 RDS CALs.

    You may have a maximum of two Active Remote Desktop sessions for administrative purposes only.  These administrative connections do not require CALs.  To make an administrative connection you would use the /admin command line switch, like this: mstsc /admin


    Thursday, February 07, 2013 2:16 AM