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  • Hi all,I testing MS Storage Spaces Direct before deploy techonology to production env, i have two node S2D Cluster with some virtual machines, for test i need expand my cluster by adding new node:

    1. I  test use FailoverClusteing ui to add node

    2. I  test use PS cmd "Add-ClusterNode"

    Node successfully added to cluster and present in FailoverClusteing ui, but Disks not showing. I use PS cmd for debug situation

    Get-PhysicalDisk | Select SerialNumber, CanPool, CannotPoolReason

    SerialNumber         CanPool CannotPoolReason
    ------------         ------- ----------------
    SMC0515D91116DB92008   False Insufficient Capacity
    S460XHGW               False In a Pool
    S460YST1               False In a Pool
    BTHV544304GD400NGN     False Verification in progress
    S460YSWW               False In a Pool
    W460EM43               False Verification in progress
    BTHV5443026B400NGN     False Verification in progress
    BTHV518008KP400NGN     False In a Pool
    W460DHWB               False Verification in progress
    S460XG95               False In a Pool
    BTHV518104ZQ400NGN     False In a Pool
    W460EN9V               False Verification in progress
    S4610SA1               False In a Pool
    BTHV518101N2400NGN     False In a Pool
    S4611DW7               False In a Pool
    S460Z3C8               False In a Pool
    BTHV51810267400NGN     False In a Pool
    S460YSWS               False In a Pool
    W460EBSS               False Verification in progress

    Verification in progress is same after more than 24 hour.

    Lastest updates installed today, on all nodes...

    How can I debug this problem in more detail?

    Please help to find a solution!

    Thx, Dmitry

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  • My problem is solved with the update KB4051033 of November 27, 2017. I successfully created cluster with nodes with different CPU and enclosures, works fine . Enjoy :-)
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