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  • I deploy a lot of applications in my environment every year after our computer labs are re-imaged. This year we got a ton of computers that would just get stuck on random apps in Software Center saying "Past Due - Will be retried" - they never retry on their own even after rebooting the computer and waiting days. Clicking the app in software center and clicking install forces it to install but we have to this on every machine which isn't realistic. It just seems to be very unreliable when deploying multiple applications at once - the apps are all fine as they work on many other computers. 

    1. Is there a way to force all PC's in a collection to "retry" on it's on via Configuration Manager?

    2. Here are my deployment settings - please let me know if there is a better practice of doing this when pushing multiple applications at once. I always set it to "as soon as possible" just so it installs in the background as needed and I just deploy all of the applications to each individual collection at once:

    Deployment Settings: Install, Required

    Scheduling: Installation deadline - as soon as possible after the available time

    I always check "Software installation" for the option of "When the installation deadline is reached, allow the following activities to be performed outside the maintenance window. I also leave the "Commit changes at deadline or during a maintenance window" checked as well. 

    Friday, September 6, 2019 4:53 PM

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  • > "Commit changes at deadline or during a maintenance window" checked as well.

    This setting is only for Windows Embedded or Windows 10 with write filters enabled and is thus irrelevant.

    1. Assuming you are using an Application, you can send out a deployment reevaluation action using client notification. 

    Are there maintenance windows applied to the systems?

    Have you reviewed the logs on the clients? appdiscovery.log and appenforce.log specifically?

    Jason | | @jasonsandys

    Friday, September 6, 2019 5:14 PM
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    Monday, September 9, 2019 9:31 AM
  • So I posted this on another forum and was told it's due to the application evaluation not running again because it's set to 7 days by default (I checked this on my system and it is in fact 7 days). That appears to be the issue - is it suggested to lower this? 7 days is a long time to wait for an app to re-try especially when pushing a lot of software.

    The other thing, which you're referring to Jason, is to force a collection to reevaluate which I did not know until you and the other forum mentioned it. It turns out I don't have access to do this (when right clicking a collection the "client" tab to do this is greyed out) so I will have to request this from our server admins. This is a good method I did not know and will be helpful.

    Tuesday, September 10, 2019 2:28 AM
  • was told it's due to the application evaluation not running again

    Isn't that exactly what I said above?

    is it suggested to lower this

    If it meets your needs, then yes.

    is to force a collection to reevaluate 

    No, that is not at all what I wrote.  Please read it again. I specifically called out a method to force a deployment evaluation using client notification. This can be done on a collection basis or an individual managed system basis in the console.

    Jason | | @jasonsandys

    Tuesday, September 10, 2019 2:53 AM