DLNA server


  • I'm trying to learn server 2K8 and I believe I have gotten in a little over my head. I'm only trying to start out by streaming media from my 2K8 server to my Playstation 3. I am able to stream to the PS3 from Vista and XP on my other machines with no problem. I noticed that Media Sharing is no longer in the Media Player in 2K8 so I went through the process of adding and enabling the appropriate services/roles.


    Under Roles, I have enabled "File Services" and "Streaming Media Services"

    Under Features, I have enabled "Desktop Experience" and "Quality Windows Audio Video Experience"


    I also went into the Firewall and made sure that "Windows Media Player", "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service", and "Windows Media Services" are listed as exceptions.


    Other computers in my house are able to connect to the media that I have in "Public" but the PS3 does not list it.


    In the Windows Media Services Console my computer is listed and I added an On-Demand Publishing Point that points to \Users\Public that is accepting new connections.


    I'm probably doing something really stupid or just not realizing what I need to do. Does any of this look wrong or is there an easier way to stream from 2K8 to PS3 (in b4..."install vista/xp noob")??



    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 1:36 AM



    Mikedy MIke,


    Shhhhhhh!  That's blasphemy!  A PS3 talking to a Microsoft Flagship product?  MS has got to try to save the Xbox 360 somehow!  I've become utterly frustrated at MS's approach to this whole media services and support for DLNA.  Even the supremely bloated Windows Media Services won't do DLNA, which is likely why the ps3 won't see it.  The strange thing, it almost feels like a conspiracy---I can't find any acknowledgement or mentions of this gaping hole on Microsoft websites.  I was truly dissappointed that Media Player 11 wouldn't install on Win 2003 Server.  Then I heard from a MS rep that WMP11 is included with Win Server 2008.  I built a rig on 2008 YESTERDAY and am I amazed!  2008 has a crippled WMP11.  No mention of this in the knowledge base, I can't even find substantial information on a MS website that talks about WMP11 even being in 2008.  There are a few workarounds though...  Tversity, a freeware DLNA server is getting rave reviews.  I'm running Nero Media Home for DLNA on W2k3, but will be trying Tversity out tonight for 2008.


    Forget about Windows Media Services, Microsoft has lost this battle and unless they get on board with DLNA, I'll bet we'll have to stash Media Services right next to our HD-DVD players. 


    If you're sensing a little anger about this in my type, you're right.  I'm really annoyed about this.


    Of course, I could scrap 2008 and go with VISTA Ultimate, which almost works.  Too bad I can't use Vista as a domain controller.


    I wonder about Home Server---are these moves to protect the xbox sales, or to promote Home Server? 



    Thursday, May 15, 2008 4:49 AM