policies get replicated in AD but not in SYSVOL so they show (The System cannot find the file specified)


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    we have problem in the replication, when we create a policy in the PDC it gets replicated in AD but not in SYSVOL so when you tried to access the policy from another domain controller, it shows you that "The System cannot find the file specified", there are 45 DC's in the domain,

    we have demoted and promoted back one of the DC?s actually the one near to the PDC and all policies gets relicated correctly but if i create a new policy in the PDC we have the same problem, the policy is shown in the Group Policuy management in AD but not in SYSVOL.



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  • Did You checked the Permissions on Sysvol Folder ?
    Thursday, March 28, 2013 1:41 AM

    1. All policies are successfully replicated only if we rebuild the SYSVOL (ex: Enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore  with value=1) or demote and re-promote a server
    2. If we create a new policy, it gets only replicated to the other DC’s in AD but not in SYSVOL, the other DC’s shows the error :
    • User Version:                    0 (AD), Not Available(sysvol)
    • Computer Version:         0 (AD), Not Available(sysvol)

    Checking sysvol permissions as per recommendation in a MS forum the recommended permissions are
    • Folder permissions:
    • System -> Full Control
    • Authenticated users -> Read
    • Administrators -> Full control
    • Share permissions:
    • Authenticated Users -> Full Control
    • Administrators -> Full Control
    • Everyone -> Read

    We have found in share permissions that Authenticated users has only Read permission (has been changed issue persist after the change

    also as a note i cansee that "scripts" and "Policies" folders in SYSVOL has the "C" Attribute so is compressed, and inside of "policies" folder only some of them has the "C" attribute

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