NETLOGON and IIS issue


  • Hey folks,

    I had some weird issue in my environment . My environment w2k8 r2  and iis 7.5

    We have single forest and multiple domain controllers,we  have  sharepoint web application running on IIS .  we have web application that  uses the IIS

    to locate domain controller through netlogon to query users in AD.


      when there is issue with the particular DC1 it is stuck on to that DC1  untill we do IIS reset then it goes to another domain controller DC2.  

    My question is what is IIS reset has to do with Web application moving   to different DC.? Since it should only do that when  netlogon service is restarted theortically

    does IIS reset also restarts netlogon service .?  because by default netlogon keeps information of DC in its cache for 12 hours before it purges. let me know if needed more explaination

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